All things Meio with a specific focus on Chile


Family Genus Species Authority Distribution References
Echiuridae Echiurus antarcticus Spengel 1912 Continental Wesenberg-Lund 1955
Echiuridae Ochetostoma baronii (Greeff 1879) Continental Schmiede & Videla 1995
Urechidae Urechis chilensis (Muller 1852) Continental Schmiede & Videla 1995



Schmiede, P. & Videla (1995) Ochetostoma baronii (Echiuridae) and Urechis chilensis (Urechidae), two echiuran worms from Coquimbo, Chile. Revista Chilena de Historia Natural, 68:303-309, 1995.

Wesenberg-Lund, E. (1955) Reports of the Lund University Chile Expedition 1948.49. 19. Gephyrea from Chile. Lunds University Arsskr AVD 2: 1-24.