Welcome to version 2.0 of MeioChile. The aim of this website is to provide Chile orientated information on meiofauna, though a lot of the information on this site will also be of interest to the wider community of meiobenthologists. The plan is to have this site entirely bi-lingual, but spanish is my second language, so some of the translations may be a bit odd until I’ve managed to get a native speaker to check them over. I have been working with meiofauna since my undergraduate thesis, they were the subject of my PhD thesis and the focus of my research since then. Over the three years between 2008 and 2011 I was able to travel more or less the entire length of the Chilean coast, from Arica in the north down to Tierra del Fuego in the south, collecting meiofaunal samples. This collection of material will no doubt keep me occupied for many years to come. I am now based in Puerto Montt in southern Chile working at the Centro i~mar of the Universidad de Los Lagos, where I am developing a research group focused on meiobenthic research, developing students and collaborations, both national and international. Current lines of research include the meiofauna of Antarctica and the interactions between meiofauna and birds.