All things Meio with a specific focus on Chile


Project Seamounts (2023-2024) Project CIMAR 28 Oceanos “Soft-sediment benthic communities from Chilean oceanic islands and seamounts: biodiversity and ecological connectivity” In collaboration with Dr. Eulogio Soto (Universidad de Valaparaíso) and Dr. Americo Montiel (Universidad de Magallanes).

Project Phytal Meiofauna (2018-2020): Project Regular R08/18 “Latitudinal gradients in phytal meiobenthos along the length of the Chilean coast”. In collaboration with Dr. Daniel Varela (Centro i~mar, Universidad de Los Lagos)

Project Fjords II (2018-2019): CONA C24F 18-07. “Diversity and abundance of dinoflagellate cysts in northwest Patagonia; evaluating the effects of physico-chemico factors and biological interactions” In collaboration with  Dr. Patricio Díaz (Centro i~mar, Universidad de Los Lagos), Dr. Miriam Seguel (Universidad Austral de Chile), Dr. Pablo Salgado (Instituto de Formento Pesquero (IFOP)).

Project MEC (2017): Project Conicyt PAI80160052 “Meiofauna from Chile: Contrasting patterns between temperate and cold marine ecoregions”. In collaboration with Dr. Andreas Schmidt-Rhaesa (University of Hamburg), Dr. Juan Cañete (Universidad de Magallanes), Dr. Javier Sellanes (Universidad Católica del Norte)

Project Acidificiation (2015 – 2017): Project Regular R09/15 “The impact of global change through ocean acidification and seawater temperature rise on shallow water meiofaunal assemblages”. In collaboration with Dr. Patricio Maríquez (CEAZA)

Project Rapa Nui (2015 – 2016): “Analysis of the sub-tidal meiofauna of Rapa Nui (Easter Island)”. In collaboration with Dr. Martin Thiel (Universidad Católica del Norte)

Project Relocaví (2013 – ongoing): “The ecology and diversity of meiofauna in the Reloncaví Bay, Los Lagos region”

Project Flamingos (2013 – 2015): Project FISE 07/12 “The interactions between the Chilean Flamingo (Phoenicopterus chilensis) and the meiobenthic assemblages in the tidal flat at Caulin, Isla Grande de Chiloé, Región de Los Lagos”.

Project Skyring (2012 – ongoing):  “The diversity and ecology of meiofauna associated with seagrass beds in Seno Skyring, Region de Magallanes”. In collaboration with Dr. Silvia Murcia (Universidad de Magallanes)

Project Fjords (2012 – 2013): CONA C19F 13-12 “Composition and abundance of the meiofauna of the fjords of the Chiloé internal sea and their relationships with environmental variables and the different sources of sediment carbon”. In collaboration with Dr. Robert Stread (Universidad de Los Lagos)

Project Antarctica (2011 – 2015): INACh Project T_13-10 “High Latitude Meiofaunal Macroecology and Diversity Assessed Using Both Morphological and Molecular Techniques”. In collaboration with Dr. Antonio Brante (Universidad Catolica de la Santisima, Concepción), Dr. Cristian Hernandez (Universidad de Concepción), Dr. Nigel Marley (University of Plymouth)

Project Macroecology (2008 – 2011): Fondecyt Project 1080033 “Latitudinal gradients in diversity, range-size and body-size of littoral free-living marine nematodes along the coast of Chile”.

Project Benthic Diversity (2005 – 2008): “A review of the diversity of benthic invertebrates in Chilean territorial waters” In collaboration with Dr. Juan Carlos Castilla (Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile)

Project Copper Tailings (1996 – 2003): “A study of the impact of copper mine tailings on the coastal ecosystems of the Atacama region of northern Chile”. In collaboration with Dr. Juan Correa and Dr. Juan Carlos Castilla (Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile)