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Anoplostoma camus (Wieser, 1953)

This individual was collected at Coihuin, Los Lagos region. The three post anal setae that Wieser mentions are difficult to see, only the larger central seta is typically visible.

Anoplostoma sp.1.

This individual was collected at CIMAR24 station Polygon 2B at a depth of 1020 m on the slope of the continental shelf, Los Lagos region. This specimen is female so the identification remains to be confirmed (it could be a species of Curvolaimus, for example). The buccal cavity is cylindrical, tapering to a point at the anterior end, and not surrounded by the oesophagus. The amphids a cup-shaped and anterior to the oesophageal tissue. The cephalic setae are short and stout. The excretory pore is indistinct. The tail is conical to filiform and has two short terminal setae. There does not appear to be any somatic setae. A male specimen of this species has been found at the same station, the general morphology is the same as the female. The spicule is short (two thirds of the anal body diameter) and straight.

Chaetonema amphora

Chaetonema captora