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Dolicholaimus marioni (De Man, 1888)

This individual was found at Calfuco, Los RĂ­os region. The sample was taken from an intertidal polychaete reef (Phragmatapoma sp.).

Pheronous sp1. (= Trissonchulus acutus (Gerlach, 1953))

This individual was collected at Teatinos, Coquimbo region. The sample was collected from the high shore (dry zone). This species matches the description of Trissonchulus acutus given by Gerlach (1953). As Pheronous and Trissonchulus differ in the former having a short pointed conical tail, with no caudal glands, this species should perhaps be renamed as Pheronous acutus.

Syringolaimus striatocaudatus (Wieser, 1953)

Thalassironus sp.1.

This individual was collected at CIMAR24 station POL1A at a depth of 166 m on the continental shelf, Los Lagos region. This females specimen is distinct from the description of T. bipartus given by Wieser (1952). The labial papillae are distinct, the wide pocket shaped amphid is at the same level, or just behind, the cephalic setae, and there is a ring of very short cervical setae. The vulva is a little less than 50% from the anterior end. The tail is long filiform.

Trissonchulus latus (Wieser, 1953)

This individual was collected at Punta Choros, Coquimbo region.

Trissonchulus sp.1

This individual was collected at Playa Rodillo, Atacama region. This individual does not match the description of T. latus given by Wieser (1953).