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Bathyepsilonema spongiosum

Epsilonema byssicola

Epsilonema dentatum

Epsilonema serrulatum

Perepsilonema papulosum

Perepsilonema trauci

Glochinema agilae (Lorenzen, 1974).

This individual was collected at Coihuin, near Puerto Montt, Los Lagos region. The type location is at Quellon viejo at the southern end of the big island of Chiloe, Los Lagos region.

Glochinema chilense

Leptepsilonema exile

Leptepsilonema macrum

Metepsilonema collosum (Lorenzen, 1973)

This individual was collected at Coihuin, Los Lagos region, which is adjacent to the type locality at Pelluco.

Metepsilonema chilotum (Clasing 1986)

This individual was collected at CIMAR station 21 at a depth of 163 m  in the channel between the islands of Chaulinec and Chulin in the Chiloe inland sea, Los Lagos region. This female specimen matches Clasing’s description.

Metepsilonema leptaleum


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Lorenzen, S. (1974) Glochinema nov. gen. (Nematodes, Epsilonematidae) aus Südchile. Mikrofauna des Meeresbodens. 47:1-22.

Clasing, E (1986) Epsilonematidae (Nematoda) from Chiloe (southern Chile) with descriptions of two new species. Zoologica Scripta. 15:295-303.