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Dracograllus chiloensis (Clasing, 1980)

This individual was collected at CIMAR station 21 at a depth of 163 m  in the channel between the islands of Chaulinec and Chulin in the Chiloe inland sea, Los Lagos region. This male specimen matches the description given by Clasing, but the oesophageal region is shorter and more compressed. A number of the individual in this sample had parasitic infections.

Dracograllus sp.1.

This individual was collected at Portofino, Atacama region. For now I will place it as D. chiloensis, however there are some minor differences between this specimen and the original description. This specimen was collected over 2000km from the type locality, so the minor differences may indicate a different species, but I need to compare it to material from the type locality.