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Aponema sp.1.

This individual was collected at CIMAR24 station Polygon 2B at a depth of 1020 m on the slope of the continental shelf, Los Lagos region. This specimen is female and identifying the genera is difficult, it looks like Molgolaimus but the ovaries are not reflex, because of this I am going to place it as Aponema for now. The cuticular striations are indistinct, the buccal cavity is small and weakly cuticularised, the amphids are round and located immediately behind the cephalic setae. The tail starts out conical but is filiform for more than three quarters of its length.

Microlaimus acicularis

Microlaimus dimorphus

Microlaimus gerlachei

Microlaimus globiceps

Microlaimus honestus

Microlaimus kaurii

Microlaimus pinguis

Microlaimus sensus

Microlaimus sicarius

Microlaimus texianus