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Klugea morcella

Micoletzkyia anomala

Phanoderma campbelli

Phanoderma ocellatum (Cobb, 1920) Filipjev in Kreis, 1926

This individual was collected at Carrazil Bajo in the Atacama region.

Phanoderma pacificum

Phanodermopsis attenuata (Weiser 1953)

This individual was collected at CIMAR24 station 77 at a depth of 212 m at the mouth of the Aysen Fjord, Aysen region. This male specimen conforms with the general description of the species described by Wieser. Wieser only described a female specimen, the male has a smoothly curved spicule with a slightly clavate proximal end. The gubernaculum has a narrow funnel shape that surrounds the spicule. There is a single tubular supplement.