All things Meio with a specific focus on Chile


Family Genus Species Authority Distribution References
Basiliolidae Neorhynchia strebeli (Dall 1908) Continental Moyano, 1995
Cancellothyrididae Terebratulina crossei Davidson 1882 Continental Cooper, 1982
Cancellothyrididae Terebratulina kiiensis Dall & Pilsbry 1891 Continental Foster, 1989
Aulocothyropsidae Septicollarina oceanica Parine et al. 1997 Deep-sea Zezina 1994
Dallinidae Macandrevia americana Dall, 1895 Continental Foster, 1989
Dallinidae Macandrevia diamantina Dall 1895 Deep-sea Foster, 1989
Platidiidae Platidia anomoides (Sacchi & Philippi 1844) Deep-sea Parin et al., 1997
Terebratellidae Abyssothyris wyvillei (Davidson 1878) Deep-sea Foster, 1989
Terebratellidae Aneboconcha obscura Cooper 1973 Continental Cooper, 1973
Terebratellidae Dallithyris murrayi Muir-Wood 1959 Deep-sea Parin et al., 1997
Terebratellidae Lyothyrella delsolari Cooper 1982 Deep-sea Foster, 1989
Terebratellidae Lyothyrella uva Broderip 1833 Continental Foster, 1989
Terebratellidae Lyothyrella uva cancerderma Foster 1974 Deep-sea Foster, 1989
Terebratellidae Magellania venosa Solander 1789 Continental Foster, 1989
Terebratellidae Terebratella dorsata Gmelin 1791 Continental Foster, 1989
Discinidae Discinisca laevis Sowerby 1822 Continental Moyano, 1995
Discinidae Discinisca lamellosa Broderip 1833 Continental Moyano, 1995
Discinidae Discinisca sp. Deep-sea Cooper, 1982
Discinidae Pelagodiscus atlanticus King 1868 Deep-sea Parin et al., 1997
Craniidae Crania patagonica Dall 1902 Continental Moyano, 1995



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